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going on a world tour kicking off in europe and ending at the brooklyn barclays center. >> she looked great. she's fantastic. halftime show was awesome. lot of beyonce. >> and she had no wardrobe malfunctions. >> no. >> couple of close calls. this is first look on msnbc. stay tuned. way too early starts right now. half the power in new orleans stadium, the superdome here, is out. and almost a perfect semicircle of the lights. half the stadium stayed light. half of it went out. the scoreboard is also not working as well. one big click of the lights switch and we lost pow in this half of the stadium.
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>> super bowl xlvii turned out as the nights went out. good morning. i'm mark halperin and this is way too early. lot to talk about monday. big news around the country. including another busy week ahead for the president's cabinet-making. first a recap of super sunday's baltimore/san francisco battle. the ravens overcame a 34-minute delay and a furious 49er comeback to win by a final tally 34-31, john harbaugh got the best of his younger brother jim. led the ravens to their second super bowl title in franchise history, the first one back in 2000. ray lewis went out a winner in his final game. the good, bad and the really bad from last night's
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commercials. fresh off of her much discussed inauguration performance, beyonce brings some old friends for a halftime reunion show. that's already dividing americans. president obama takes his push for new gun control measures on the road to minneapolis today. he'll share ideas with law enforcement officials. one proposal universal background checks for all gun buyers even at gun shows that was the topic of a super bowl ad that aired last night in the washington d.c. market. t >> the nra once supported background checks. >> we think it's reasonable to provide mandatory in-state
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criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show, no loopholes anywhere for anyone. >> america can do this. for us. please. >> is that spot points out, the nra chief executive argued for mandatory background checks back in 1989. yesterday it was a different story. >> you're more universal background check? >> well, universal background -- now, that's what president obama is now putting guard. let me talk about that. it's a fraud to call it universal. it's never going to be universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it. they can care less. you're not going to computerize -- you have seen you're not going to computerize the mental health records. the real title ought to be the check on law-abiding people all over this country. >> during that spirited
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interview with fox news' chris wallace, he found himself defending that controversial tv ad that brought the president's children into the gun debate. >> the president's kids are safe and we're thankful for it. >> they also fate a threat that don't face. >> tell that to people in newtown. >> you think the president's children are the same kind of target as every school child in america, that's ridiculous and you know it, sir? >> i think there are parents all over the country that think their kids are entitled to the same amount of protection when they go to school. >> they should have secret service? >> no. they should have police officers or certified armed security in those schools to keep students safe. >> one point of that ad, you made it a class argument, the rich, the elite, they have bodyguards, they have security. >> sure, sure. >> mayor bloomberg has body
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guards. >> somebody else who has security is you. >> sometimes. >> on capitol hill you had security? today you have security? >> you talk about hypocrisy. >> does that make you out of touch elite because you have security? >> i don't deny anyone the right to security when they need it. it's ridiculous for all of the elites and the powerful, privilege, to send their kids to schools where there's armed security. >> as we used to say on fox news, good on you, chris wallace. twitter exploded over the internet. they questioned whether the president really goes skeet shooting all the time? the white house said that this is now iconic photo was taken in august on camp david on the
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president's 55th birthday. immigration reform will be a focal point on capitol hill this week. reports surfaced over the weekend, a psych let group of house members are putting together its own immigration bill. according to ta report, it's ben working on it for four years. after a series of requirements are met including enhanced border security. of course, there's the economy with mixed reports last week detailing a drop in gdp coupled with better than expected job growth as the stock market booms. president obama said in that interview with cbs, there needs to be some new revenue involved. he might be going after people like mitt romney. >> there's no doubt that we need additional revenue, coupled with
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smart spending reductions in order to bring down our deficits. we can do it in a gradual way. when you look at these deductions that people are able to take advantage of, the average person can't take advantage of. the average person doesn't have access to cayman island accounts. so, we just want to make sure that the whole system is fair. >> all right, today is the day one in the new job for secretary of state john kerry, he got an early start over the weekend, he reached out to world leaders by phone, pledging to continue pushing for peace talks. the senate armed services committee is expected to vote his nomination to senate.
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former white house press secretary robert gibbs was on meet the press, admitted that it wasn't hagel's finest hour. >> the disconcerting thing for anybody who watched it he seemed unimpressive and unprepared on the questions that quite frankly he knew was coming. i'm reminded three weeks into the first term of the president obama administration, treasury secretary timothy geithner gives a, the market dropped 382 points. two weeks ago, tim geithner walked out of the treasury department as one of the most influential treasury secretaries in the history of our country. chuck ha goal is an infantry who's had the execute the orders
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of the secretary of defense. he'll be a good secretary of defense. all right, leon panetta stepping down as secretary of defense questioned sohow some o the senators handled themselves at the ha goal hearing. >> you think this was totally partisan? >> they talked a lot about past quotes. what about a secretary of defense is confronted today. war in afghanistan. war on terrorism. what about middle east turmoil? what about cyberattacks? all of the issues that confront a secretary of defense, frankly, we didn't see enough time discussing on those issues. >> all right, one more bit of news about president obama's second term team. confirmation hearings for john brennan, are scheduled to begin
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on thursday. politics now. a group of republican donors is rolling out a new effort to fend off tea party challengers who say are hurting gop chances of taking back control of the senate. their aim is to institutionalize the so-called buckley rule, the most conservative candidate that can win in a general election. the new effort is to be a counterweight of hard-line groups. the organization is already eyeing seats being vacated by tom harkin. later today, former new york city mayor ed koch will be remembered at a funeral service here in manhattan. he died friday from congestive heart failure. finally among the many topics that president obama discussed during that pregame
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interview yesterday was the boy scouts, whether they should be able to welcome openly gay members and leaders into the organization. president obama answered first with a simple yes before detailing his position. >> my attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does in every institution and walk of life. you know the scouts are a great institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to, you know, to opportunities and leadership that, you know, will serve people for thee eest rest of their lives. >> that will be a spirited debate. as always, let us know why you're awake. shoot us an e-mail. tweet me at mark halperin. we'll read the best responses later in the programming. the longest super bowl in
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america history. the superdome's lights go out. full recap of the game. plus, where else can you drop 4 million bucks in 30 seconds we'll drbreak down the best and worst in super bowl ads. those clips, a check of the weather with the great bill karins when "way too early" returns right here, only on msnbc. the university of california sophomore was taken out of her apartment, she was dragged out to the street by the man who were armed by rivals. as the escape car sped away, number of shots were fired back at the apartment. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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♪ you're looking live at the best office building in the world, rockefeller center. on a monday morning. let's now take a look at the weather with legendary nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, i'm sure you watched the entire game. >> until the start of the fourth quarter and then i stayed up the whole time. i didn't see the end. what was the point in. >> it was a pretty exciting end in. >> you saw the end? >> maybe this morning. >> you watched this morning. >> fast-forward on the weather of life, how we do this week sf. >> very similar. this morning, we have snow coming through chicago. one travel trouble spot. anywhere from chicago to toledo, cleveland, later today, around pittsburgh, you'll deal with some light snow, fluffy maybe two to three inches at the most.
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wind chill of 14 in chicago with that light, fluffy snow this morning. two, three times this week. with weak storms moving quickly and then it will start to warm up many areas. even chicago and new england as we get towards next weekend. this is kind of a cold day, we continue that through minneapolis at 11. d.c. is at 35. watch the trend as we go throughout this week and as we get to friday, d.c. could jump 40s, 50s. this could be the end of the end of cold winter if this winter. >> still a heat wave in denver. >> the west has been unbelievably warm. now from weather to sports and of course one big story the super bowl. and the ravens' big victory. fans flooded the streets of baltimore last nielt celebrating the hometown team's win. let's show them some highlights
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on their portable televisions. the brothers, john and jim harbaugh, shared a word before the kickoff. ray lewis is celebrating and savoring every little moment. joe flacco finds anquan boldin in the end zone for the touchdown. ravens strike quickly. 7-0. second quarter, 49ers down by 11. ed reed with the interception. from that point, things get chippy. the faplayers shuffling. ensuing possession, flacco looks deep. jacoby jones makes the catch, nobody touches him, though, little spin move, juke into the end zone. ravens take the lead, 21-3. now the kickoff coming out of halftime. 21-6 the ravens are up.
2:49 am
jones takes the ball all of the way back, incredible return, 108 yards, that ties the record for the longest scoring play in super bowl history. it looks like the game is over at 28-6. the ravens get the ball back, and the lights go out in half the superdome. play stops. twitter goes crazy again. teams don't get back on to the field 34 minutes later. finally, finally, after the players stand around, lights come back on. the 49ers come alive. they scored 17 unanswered points in the third quarter. fourth quarter, they're down by 8, kaepernick gets flushed out of the pocket. that makes it 31-29, ravens. the ravens didn't make it on the two-point conversion to tie it.
2:50 am
that means play of the game right there, fourth and goal, niners are down. kaepernick throws the pick. crabtree. they wanted the penalty. jim is furious. final play. final chance for the 49ers. no big laterals. the clock runs out. the ravens win it, 34-31. ray lewis goes out a winner in his final game. celebrating just the way you would expect. ravens get their second franchise super bowl title. joe flacco is named the game's mvp, three touchdown passes. afterwards, both teams reflected on their big night in new orleans. >> it hasn't sunk in yet. crazy. unbelievable. tough to put into words. it hasn't sunk in yet.
2:51 am
so, pretty cool. >> the way that game played out when it was 28-6 and the lights went out, whatever happened, i just knew that with john harbaugh being on the sideline, that that game was going to be a dog fight right to the end. >> i tried to let my teammates what this moment would feel like. last night when i had the conversation with them, i came directly from my heart to tell them what this feeling will feel like and what god has showed me and for us to finish it the way we did, the sermon this morning was finish the race. finish the race. and man as team we finished the race. >> i mean, i think that last drive when we got the ball and had time to go down and score a touchdown we thought it was our game. i feel like i made too many mistakes to win. >> i felt our guys battled and competed. we got a spark and you know, we're going to look back after that.
2:52 am
and i thought they did. they battled back to get in it and then, you know, battled right on the brink of winning it. and, it was a heck of a football game. there was a pass interference. and then a hold. on crabtree on the last one. >> all right, a delightful 4 hours, 15, last night's game goes down as the longest one in super bowl history. coming up at the top of the hour, morning joe, one of the president's closest advisers said that chuck ha goal was unprepared for last week's confirmation hearings. morning joe will break that down as well as the week ahead in washington. when we come back -- we'll huddle around the water cooler where beyonce looks to quiet the lip-syncing controversy.
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what do i need? a little water cooler love with louis. we talked about your super bowl party. you're still flosing out the wings. >> i am. mesh shorts lounging around. >> and you love big games?
2:56 am
what else do you love big games? >> i love commercials. let's start with beyonce the pressure was on for her last night leading up to the halftime show after we found out that she lip-synched the nation al anthem at the president's inauguration. last night, she delivered. take a look. ♪ ♪ you're the one i need ♪ you're the only one i see ♪ baby baby it's you ♪ come baby it's you is not come on baby it's you ♪ is n ♪ >> everyone is talking about the surprised destiny child's reunion. they sang a few of their hits
2:57 am
including my personal favorite, bootylicious. >> fabulous. >> it is fabulous. everyone was underwhelmed by the super bowl ad and i liked the oprah ad. >> ♪ ♪ >> now, you think you'll be doing stuff like that in a few years? >> very well acted spot. >> lot of action. lot of people are talking about the budweiser's brotherhood ad. a little bit of a tear-jerker.
2:58 am
between a trainer and his the clydesdale. i'm not a huge fan but let's take a look. ♪ and i'm getting older too ♪ take my love take it down ♪ and if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hill ♪ ♪ well a landslide bring you down ♪ >> now, you know, a tear-jerker for sure. but, you know. all right, take it away, mark. still ahead -- why are you awake? just moments ago. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business.
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